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First Step Podiatry offers telehealth services so distance is not a limiting factor to your foot health. 

Telehealth is a consultation via the telephone, tablet or computer.  You will still receive the same expert care and wealth of knowledge as you would face-to-face in the clinic. 

The consults are very similar to that in the clinic and studies have shown treatment outcomes to be as favourable for telehealth as in person consults for many ailments.

 We will

  • Discuss and assess your condition.
  • Provide an expert diagnosis
  • Formulate a treatment plan with you
  • Send you a plan and any resources required

What do I require?

I conduct my telehealth consults via an app call Physiapp which can be accessed via the internet on your laptop or downloaded to your smart phone or tablet.  When you book an appointment I will send you information on how to get prepared for a telehealth consult. If you want to know more about how it works, download this PDF: PhysiApp DOWNLOAD

Initial telehealth consultations are extended consultations (40-60 minutes) then depending on the problem subsequent consults can be standard (20 minutes) or even short duration (10minutes).

What problems can a podiatrist treat using Telehealth?

  • Many biomechanical problems including – heel pain, forefoot pain, rolling in ankles (pronation), claw toes to name a few.
  • Skin and nail problems with self –care solutions
  • Acute foot and ankle pain and injury
  • Balance issues
  • Fall Prevention advice and program
  • Diabetic foot advice
  • Abnormal walking

Start your first step to foot health.

Please note: Our booking system online is only for when I am in Gingin and Bindoon. As this is telehealth I can accommodate appointments at other times.  Please SMS or Telephone 0407 042 122 to discuss bookings on other days and times, or fill in the appointment request form below. 

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