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Siobhan Vosnacos

Siobhan Vosnacos

BSc.(Pod), Post. Grad. Dip. (Diab. Edu.)

Siobhan Vosnacos has been practicing podiatry for over 20 years. She is an enthusiastic professional, who is passionate about rural health, having spent her career practicing in Lancelin, the South West Wheatbelt, Laverton, and Leonora.  She has also owned and operated her own clinic, Mosman Park Podiatry, for 10 years before having her 2 beautiful children. Currently she finds great joy in looking after the feet of Bindoon and Gingin – which she has been skilfully doing for 20 years in Bindoon and 9 years in Gingin.  For city dwellers, Siobhan works 2 days a week at Central Podiatry Group in Ardross and as a casual at St John of God Hospital, Midland.

Siobhan specialises in diabetic foot care, reflexology and manual therapies. She uses techniques derived from allied and complimentary health therapies including mobilisation, dry needling, osteopathy, reflexology, anatomy trains and structural integration to name a few. Siobhan brings to her profession a dedication to lifelong learning, constantly striving to further her knowledge and experience in feet and the lower limb to enhance the treatment of her clients. She also really enjoys fixing everyday foot and ankle problems – and having a friendly chat whilst working on patients’ whose feet require regular care.